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Shenzhen United Global Logistics Co., Ltd. specializes in shipping, air, express, FCL from the whole country to the United States, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Russia, Central Asia, Japan and South Korea, Canada, Australia, and all over the world. For bulk cargo and double tax package tax to the door-to-door special line transportation business, the company has strong transportation capacity, strong strength, and reasonable prices. It is "a strong logistics service provider and a good freight forwarder", and strives for logistics to rely on strong cargo transportation and shore The overall strength of the production resources and overseas institutions, the extension and improvement of logistics supply chain management, and its unique project management and services have won the trust of customers.
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Shenzhen United Global Logistics Co.,Ltd contracted to transport more than 700 vehicles across the country; including flatbed semi-trailers, high-lane vehicles, vans, semi-enclosed vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, special transport vehicles and self-provided small delivery trucks; it has sufficient transportation support capabilities. The company has established long-term strategic partnerships with many large and medium-sized enterprises. With rigorous operation system and continuous improvement of service network, we will wholeheartedly provide our customers with safe, fast, professional and accurate logistics services.
Become a strong logistics service provider and a good freight forwarder", and strive to extend and improve logistics supply chain management by relying on strong cargo transportation, shore production resources, and the overall strength of overseas institutions Win the trust of customers with its unique project management and service.